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The Best Dance Classes for Kids in Fort Collins

Fort Collins, Colorado, is home to a vibrant dance community, and for parents seeking outstanding dance instruction for their children, the city offers a wealth of options. Within Fort Collins, several dance studios provide exceptional classes tailored to children’s unique interests and abilities, fostering their exploration of movement and artistic expression. These studios serve as creative hubs where young dancers can develop their skills and passion for dance in an enriching and supportive environment. Whether your child dreams of twirling in a ballet class or grooving to hip-hop beats, Fort Collins has the right dance class to nurture their talent and creativity.


531 S. Shields #2A, Fort Collins

Contemporary Dance Academy

At Contemporary Dance Academy, the class leveling system is thoughtfully designed to ensure dancers make the most of their class time. The primary focus is on establishing a strong technical foundation in Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap, Contemporary, and Pointe. Dancers have the choice of two distinct tracks: the Recreational Track or the Fast Track.

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